Lewis Dennison Meredith

15 November 1922 - 7 September 1949

On Wednesday, September 7, 1949, news of the death of Lewis D. Meredith shocked us; a victim of polio.

Elmer Byron Hess

26 October 1902 - 12 May 1949

Funeral services were held at the Dhahran Club House for Elmer Byron Hess, Arabian American Oil Company employee, Assistant Foreman of the Dhahran Sheet Metal Shop.

James Edward Herrin III

4 January 1949

We regret to announce the death of James Edward Herrin III at Jeddah on January 4th through an accident.

Mrs. B. E. Hull

22 November 1948

Due to arrive on the "Camel" today we hoped to have had the pleasure of seeing Mr. B. E. Hull, President of Tapline.

Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Wedemeyer

20 October 1948

The many friends of Mr. & Mrs. R.G. Wedemeyer will regret to learn that they were killed in an airplane accident on October 20 in Scotland while enroute from Batavia to New York.

Paul August Wills

10 October 1948

At Abqaiq, on October 10, 1948, Paul August Wills passed away due to injuries sustained in an accident several days before while off-loading piping.

Michael Wells

21 September 1948

Our heartfelt sympathy to Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Wells on the passing of their son Michael (4 1/2 years old), Tuesday September 21 at Ras Tanura.

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Al Zadorkin

4 September 1948 - 4 September 1948

We Express our Heartfelt Sympathy to Mr. & Mrs. Al Zadorkin.

Ellis A. Gorton

2 December 1898 - 24 August 1948

Ellis A. Gorton, employee of IBI, passed away at 12:55 a.m. Tuesday August 24, at the Ras Tanura Hospital, due to injuries sustained in a recent accident.

Paul D. Gray

16 June 1902 - 23 August 1948

Paul D. Gray, employee of Fluor-Middle East passed away at 9:45 a.m. Monday, August 23, of natural causes, at the Dhahran Hospital.

Clinton Elmer Ellsworth

21 July 1922 - 1 August 1948

Clinton Elmer Ellsworth died on August 1, 1948, as the result of injuries sustained in a recent accident.

John Joseph O'Leary

28 December 1901 - 23 June 1948

John Joseph O'Leary passed away at 3:12 a.m. Wednesday June 23, 1948 after a brief illness.