Richard N. Ford

5 May 1975

Services were held Saturday in the Abqaiq Theater for Richard N. Ford, 53, who died suddenly on May 5 in Abqaiq.

Fred A. Davies

17 April 1894 - 3 February 1975

Fred A. Davies, a geologist, mining engineer, and official of Aramco and other oil companies in the Middle East. Davies graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1916 with a degree in mining engineering. He was responsible for early explorations of the oil fields in Bahrain in the 1930s. In 1952 Davies was named CEO and Chairman of the Board for Aramco until he retired in 1959.

Thomas J. Hager

1 January 1975

Annuitant Thomas J. Hager died in England on Jan. 1 following emergency surgery.

Granville S. Cohea

16 November 1974

Granville S. Cohea, 58, who was on medical leave since June in the United States, died October in Memphis, Term.

Thomas F. O'Dea

1 December 1915 - 12 November 1974

Thomas F. O’Dea — sociologist, author and teacher — was born December 1, 1915, in Amsbury, Massachusetts. Historically, his life bridged the period from World War I to the Vietnam War.

Jack E. Kurtz

4 October 1974

Jack E. Kurtz, senior inspector, Inspection Division, Engineering Department, died on Friday, Oct. 4 after a brief illness.

Eva-Maria Lucas

29 July 1974

Memorial services were held in Dhahran this morning for Eva-Maria Lucas, who died here unexpectedly on Monday, July 29.

Thomas Rogan

20 July 1974

Thomas Rogan, electrical inspector for the Wimpy Company, died here on July 20. He was 49 years old.

Arthur W. Machen

5 July 1974

Funeral services were held in Abqaiq last Friday, July 5, for Arthur W. Machen, the victim of a highway motor accident on Monday night.

Bernard T. Mowbray

11 June 1974

Bernard T. Mowbray, son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mowbray of Ras Tanura, died in an accident last Thursday, June 11, two days before his fourteenth birthday.

Eugene F. Ridge, Jr.

26 April 1974

Eugene F. Ridge, Jr., 29, died April 26 at the Dhahran Health Center after a short illness.

Clarence A. Hill

10 April 1974

Memorial services were held yesterday in Abqaiq for Clarence A. Hill, 41, who died Wednesday, April 10, after a brief illness.