Edward G. (Shirley) Hoag

19 February 1973

The company has been notified of the death of Mrs. Edward G. (Shirley) Hoag on February 19 in California.

K. Jack Arey

26 January 1973

Memorial services were held in the Dhahran Theater this morning for Mr. K. Jack Arey, who died here suddenly on Friday, Jan. 26.

J. K. Christensen

14 December 1972

Word has been received that Mrs. J. K. Christensen has died in Los Angeles.

Alean Boyd

13 August 1972

Word has been received of the death of Dhahran resident Mrs. Roy (Alean) Boyd in the States on Aug. 13.

Douglass Hamilton Warner

9 March 1972

Douglass Hamilton Warner of Dhahran died unexpectedly at his home last Thursday, March 9. He was 47 years old.

Kathleen Barger

29 December 1971

Kathleen Barger, 54, who had been ill since March, died peacefully at home in La Jolla, Calif., on Christmas Day while with her family.

Amir Hamad ibn Sa'id al-Jubayr

28 November 1971

Amir Hamad ibn Sa'id al-Jubayr, who retired in 1970 after serving nearly 30 years as Amir of Abqaiq, died in Dhahran Health Center on Nov. 28.

Hugh M. Gelston

15 September 1971

The company has been notified of the sudden passing of Hugh M. Gelston, former Aramco employee, in Beirut, Lebanon, on Sept. 15.

S. Rengachari

5 September 1971

The company has been notified of the death of annuitant S. Rengachari on Sept.

Scott H. Harrison

25 August 1971

Scott H. Harrison, who came to Arabia as member of what became known as the "Sharswood Group," died unexpectedly last Wednesday in Minneapolis, Minn., while returning to Montana from New York.

David Leslie Mestrezat

27 May 1971

David Leslie Mestrezat, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Mestrezat, died in Dhahran last Thursday, May 27. He was 18 years old.

Thomas W. Shea

12 May 1971

Thomas W. Shea, senior economist in the Economics Department, died in Dhahran on Wednesday, May 12.