William R. Bordeleau

20 March 1974

William R. Bordeleau, manager of Community Services since December 1970 and closely associated with that area of the company's activities throughout his 26 years with Aramco, died suddenly in Dhahran last Wednesday, March 20.

Helen Kemp

13 March 1974

Memorial services were held in Dhahran Monday morning for Mrs. Helen Kemp, 52, who died Saturday morning at her Dhahran home after an illness of several years.

Richard M. Chancy

14 February 1974

Word has been received of the death of Aramco employee Richard M. Chancy while on repatriation vacation in Oklahoma on Feb. 14.

Terrorist Attack in the Rome Airport - December 1973

17 December 1973

A major tragedy to affect the Saudi Aramco communities was the Rome Airport terrorist attack on 17th December 1973.

John E. Ladner

6 December 1973

John E. Ladner, Sr., father of John E. Ladner, Jr., and of Renee Ladner, both of Dhahran, died here unexpectedly on Thursday, Dec. 6.

Thomas D. Durrance

25 November 1973

Thomas D. Durrance, former vice president of Public Relations and of Aramco Overseas Company, died on Nov. 25 of leukemia. He was 56 years old.

June Hill

26 October 1973

Memorial services were held last Wednesday in the Dhahran Theater for Mrs. June Hill who died in Dhahran on Friday, October 26.

Vemon E. Miller

18 September 1973

Vemon E. Miller, shift coordinator, Plants Division, Abqaiq Plants and Pipelines Department, died of a heart attack in Abqaiq on Tuesday, September 18.

Twelve Aramco Employees Died

5 August 1973

Twelve Aramco employees died Sunday morning, August 5, in a fire that occurred when crude oil ignited after escaping from a pipeline that was being repaired.

William G. Burmester

12 July 1973

Funeral services were held this morning at the Dhahran Theater for William G. Burmester, who died unexpectedly last Thursday, July 12.

Scott W. Garner

11 July 1973

Scott W. Garner, son of Mr. and Mrs. William V. Garner of Dhahran, died last Wednesday, July 11. Funeral services were conducted at the Dhahran Theater on Monday, July 16.

Douglas M. Loeb

6 April 1973

Douglas M. Loeb, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Loeb, Jr., of Dhahran, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Arizona on Friday, April 6.